Garrett Smith Ltd (GSL) is a regionally recognized firm with more than 30 design awards, including 12 from the American Institute of Architects. Established in 1990, we are located in Albuquerque and provide architectural and planning services throughout the state of New Mexico.

Our business practices and philosophy are based on common sense, smart planning, and vision. Clear and consistent communication is our highest priority and we incorporate pride and functionality into everything we design. We are proudly committed to outstanding regional architecture.

We view each project as an opportunity to influence the built environment in a truly positive way. We believe each design created and built has a long lasting influence on the character of the landscape. Therefore we focus our energy on the future with a footing solidly anchored in understanding precedence. The capacity to create roots, stimulate ideas, and promote local and universal influences while creating unmistakable identity are the touchstones of GSL’s investment in our culture and community through design.